Special Offer – 60 Classes


This special offer is for 60 classes for $10.00 each.

These classes do not expire and can be used at any time.
Please read the ‘Description” for more details.


Highly accredited lessons

The lessons are taught by a professional teacher for beginner and intermediate level students as well as Free-Talk Free-Talk lessons which mean you and your teacher can talk about any topic you want. These lessons are great for helping you have daily conversations with people from all over the world.   The lessons will be taught in an online classroom with only one student and one teacher. Having lessons in this way will help you learn faster. These teachers are University graduates, who can speak English correctly but come from Eastern countries. You can have a free trial lesson to be sure you are comfortable with the teacher and can change to a different teacher at any time you wish.

All books are written by award-winning publishers, such as Cambridge, Collins, McGraw Hill, and Pearson.
Lessons are delivered using an interactive high-tech audio/video whiteboard application. The software is free and easy to use, after downloading, you just go to the teacher’s class and start learning.

Class time

The lessons will consist of 25 minutes covering 2-4 pages each time, which means it can take several months to complete just one book. If you don’t know what kind of lesson is best for you, your new teacher will do an assessment to determine which book is best to use. (Don’t worry you can change the lesson book at any time)